Silicone Number Tray

Our silicone Number Tray is primary Yellow in color and contains numbers zero thru nine on one tray.

Make anything from Ice, Jell-O, Butter, Chocolate, Sidewalk Chalk, Crayons, Soap, Candles, Rice Crispy Treats and so much more! 

It's really a mold that's colorful, educational, flexible & nonstick. A design patent pending product line made from high-gloss FDA tested silicone, it’s oven-safe to 550ºF and (-50ºF) is cool to the touch within minutes after baking.
Food cooks and browns evenly, there are no unbaked pockets or pale looking goods. Our trays won't retain odors or flavors, and are dishwasher safe. For storing, they fold or bend to fit anywhere. Tray Size: 8”x5”x.75”

A perfect product for Birthdays, Anniversaries, or Lucky Lottery Numbers!



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